Accounting services in Vietnam

Being one of the top well-known brands providing excellent Accounting services for Foreign Invest Enterprises (FIE) operating in Viet Nam, VINASC – with a strong multidisciplinary experienced consultant team – proudly introduce to you accounting services in Vietnam.

Despite the fact that Vietnam is turning to be an open environment for which draw upon attractive foreign investment and economic development incentive policies in lately, it is always there those difficulties in understanding and complying with the law in Vietnam for FIE.

Accounting service was born to be an independent third party to help businesses carrying out procedures, control risks better and limit financial losses in the business process.

It is true that ASV has been developing and a part of fulfilling domestic demands, but it is necessary for foreign investors in possession of Vietnamese law confusion, must be in want of higher requirements and demands – including language, law, and legal support.

Those are basically groups of work VINASC are specialized in:

Initial business form

  • Business establishment: Business Registration Certificate; Investment Registration Certificate; Business license.
  • Form for seal and seal announcement.
  • Invoicing, issuing, and using invoices.
  • Form for banking and investment capital contribution.
  • Initial form for tax, labor, and insurance.

Form for tax during operating activities of the business.

Monthly, quarterly tax prescription: VAT, PIT; incurred tax (if any): Foreign contractor tax and other related ones.

Incurred tax prescription (if any): Foreign contractor tax; another related tax

Annual tax prescription: License tax; CIT.