Preparing transfer pricing documentation

Inter-company transactions across borders and preparing transfer pricing documentation are growing rapidly and becoming much more complex.

Tax authorities are keeping a closer eye on the growing number of cross-border, inter-company transactions, imposing stricter penalties and new documentation requirements.

Complying with these requirements can be complicated and time-consuming. So every multinational company needs to have a coherent and defensible transfer pricing policy ground in the very real environment of change in which they are operating.

By considering transfer pricing carefully, you will be able to:

  • Better manage risks
  • Improve operational and financial performance
  • Prepare for sustainable growth

Preparing transfer pricing documentation

Aligning your transfer pricing policy with your goals

We can help you embed your transfer pricing policy within your wider business strategy by:

  • Designing tax-optimized business models (including value chain transformation analysis and implementation)
  • Intellectual property planning
  • Obtaining tax rulings and advance pricing agreements
  • Drafting transfer pricing documentation based on the OECD Guidelines
  • Tax audit assistance

Transfer pricing documentation is a file supporting your related-party transactions to help you defend your arm’s length prices in the event of a dispute with the tax authorities.


  • Determining and supporting your arm’s length prices
  • A defense document in the event of a tax audit
  • The findings can also be use in the event of a dispute with your related parties, minority shareholders, or lawfully interest third parties.

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