Setup joint stock company in Vietnam

Setup joint stock company in Vietnam can be set up with i) 3 shareholders, who can be of any nationality and does not need to be resident in Vietnam. Our Clients will also need to appoint 1 director must also be appointed as the company’s legal representative. If this individual is a foreigner, he/she will be required to i) travel to Vietnam ii) obtain a work permit and iii) show evidence of 12 months of experience on managing the position.

The Vietnam public limited company (joint-stock company (JSC))

Like those of a LLC, Vietnam joint stock company setup requirements by foreigners include

  • provision of a bank certificate showing the availability of funds to invest in Vietnam;
  • the opening of a capital bank account;
  • issuance of a foreign investment certificate and
  • submission of an annual return and audited financial statements. Without which our Client will not be able to remit abroad his/her subsidiary’s earnings. If needed, Vinasc may also provide auditing service.

Setup joint stock company in Vietnam

Joint-stock companies are not required to list in Vietnam. To do so, a JSC must have

  • the share capital of over US$475,000
  • over 100 shareholders
  • been profitable for the previous year and
  • no overdue debt.

If needed, Vinasc will be pleased to assist our Clients with listing their company on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange.

Best uses

A joint-stock company can be a better alternative than a limited liability company if our Client is planning to form a business with several partners or plan to finance its business through the issuance of equity. In other cases, a limited liability company will usually do just as fine.

Finally, if you are interest in Vinasc’s Setup joint stock company in Vietnam, please contact us. As a result, we will send a letter of quotation for your consideration.