Accounting services package

For most enterprises, the establishment of the accounting system or hire a bookkeeper food isn’t easy by the cost to operate the apparatus effect is quite high. Currently, the accounting services package is a lot of companies choose to use. By the professional, the cost savings and benefits for business is no small.

When using the services of tax accounting package of Vinasc, we hold the role as the accountant of the enterprise. Vinasc will solve all problems of bookkeeping, avoid undue risks on tax.

When you need to use the services of the accounting package

  • New business established, yet there’s an accountant, Chief Accountant.
  • You are in need of qualified accounting professionals, the capacity, the experience to make the accounting profession, vouchers, do the bookkeeping, VAT, tax reporting.
  • In some cases, businesses need to review the system of bookkeeping, a certificate from the prior tax years.
  • Or you have not reassured about the capacity of the existing accounting system.

Accounting services package

Accounting services to our package includes these tasks

Establish tax declarations

  • File a tax return every year binge.
  • Monthly tax reports, you send the tax agency.
  • Improve balance, financial reporting.
  • Tax-settlement reports in.
  • Accounting tax reporting year.
  • Declare the other related taxes.
  • Notify of first business tax when there is arises.


  • Check the certificate from the inputs, output to match the provisions of the law.
  • Categorize, sort, archive accounting documents.
  • Credit the profession arises.
  • Books and records the accounting vouchers.
  • And in the kind of bookkeeping according to regulations.
  • Stand name employees accounting for the business.
  • Furthermore, appointed Chief Accountant name stands for the business.

Advice, explanation of the tax

  • Support advice on labor law, the law on social insurance and medical insurance.
  • Accounting, tax and consulting bills and vouchers for business.
  • Working with tax authorities when requested.
  • Provide audit services or work with the auditing firm.
  • Work and the process of with tax authorities within the scope of the work were done.

Delivery of documents and the filing of reports

  • Receiving the vouchers from the customer.
  • Submission of tax reports to the tax authorities.
  • Report the situation to use Bill.
  • Furthermore, report the situation to the employer.

Why you should use the services of accounting package of the company Vinasc

With experienced staff in many areas of business, accounting services package of Vinasc will support your business efficiently and professionally.

In addition to the monthly work, we also consulted the issues encountered daily business related to accounting, auditing, and taxation. Help businesses minimize the tax risks in the process of operation, business.

Finally, if you are interest in Vinasc’s accounting services in Vietnam, please contact us. As a result, we will send a letter of quotation for your consideration.