Financial statement audit services

Financial statement audit services (FINANCIAL STATEMENT) currently have an important role than ever. Does not meet the requirements of the transparent external information such as tax offices or investors, but also meet the expectations of business executives. After working both in the accounting, finance, the administrator needs to check the reliability and accuracy of financial reports. Auditing financial statements of Vinasc will support the business functions.

Financial statement audit services

The request from executives and investors for auditing services financial statements

In the digital era, information about the business can easily search on the internet. However, investors and executives need a source of high reliability and warranty. They require close supervision, in particular, evidence of the internal control system. Auditing financial statements of Vinasc ensure the financial reports contain accurate and complete information. This is based on the complete compliance regulations of Vietnam accounting standards and international.

On the basis of best practices and extensive knowledge about each of the different professions. The Audit Services Department of Vinasc building audit method, which was designed consistent with the scale and type of business of each business. Therefore, cost savings, and recommended the most practical solution for customers.

The circumstances required to audit financial statements according to the law regulations in Vietnam

According to the law on the independent audit by the Ministry of Finance issued, the objects required for auditing annual financial statements as follows:

  • Foreign enterprises investment (FDIs);
  • Credit institutions are established and functioning according to the law on credit institutions;
  • Financial institutions, business insurance, business insurance brokers;
  • The company, the issuer, and the securities business organization.

In addition, the executives if not feel assured about the quality of corporate financial reporting, could also hire the services of the audit to check the whole.

The process of Vinasc audit services include

  • The overall audit plan based on the risk assessment;
  • Understanding business processes and internal control system;
  • The overall analysis of financial statements;
  • Checked items on the financial statements;
  • Reviewing tax policies, investment in that business are applied;
  • Discussing on matters with the Board of Directors and proposed solution;
  • Issue management and audit reports.

If your company has a need for audit services, please contact Vinasc according to the information below.