Consulting services on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in Vietnam

M&A is an abbreviation of the English phrase: Mergers and Acquisitions.

The special thing between M&A and normal mergers and acquisitions is that M&A will help an enterprise gain control of another enterprise through the form of a merger or acquisition between two or more businesses to own part or all of it. that business.

This is considered as an inevitable trend in business activities; is an important tool in expanding market share, restructuring enterprises, and helping enterprises avoid dissolution and bankruptcy.
VinaSC is a unit specializing in providing M&A consulting services in Vietnam.

With the goal of helping businesses find the right business partner as well as proposing solutions suitable to the actual business situation, VinaSC provides businesses with a full package of M&A consulting services, along with other solutions. comprehensive and synchronous support service.

Within the scope of M&A consulting services, VinaSC will advise and support businesses with the following contents:

Introduce and assist in evaluating investment opportunities for potential units in terms of market, products, assets, etc. participating in the restructuring plan:

The main challenge for domestic and foreign investors when there is a need to conduct M&A transactions for the purpose of business restructuring or business expansion and development is the search for investment opportunities as well as new opportunities. suitable partner.

Before making a decision to carry out an M&A transaction, businesses should note some important contents such as:

  • Form of M&A transaction: Acquisition of business; Business mergers; Joint ventures between enterprises; Other forms through the purchase of shares or contributed capital.
  • Nature of M&A transaction: Horizontal M&A (Competitors); Vertical M&A (Partnership) and Combined M&A.
  • Identify relevant market: Includes relevant product market and relevant geographic market;
  • Market share and combined market share of enterprises;
  • Objectives and business orientations of enterprises;
  • Business scale;
  • Internal organization of the enterprise;
  • Labor;

However, finding out as well as evaluating the above issues is not simple for domestic and foreign investors. With the strength of having a diverse network of domestic and international partners, VinaSC believes that it will help businesses simplify this procedure, creating favorable conditions for restructuring plans.

Support in assessing and providing solutions for entities that need to be dissolved but have great potential and ensure tax procedures and tax records.

VinaSC pays special attention to analyzing tax issues related to businesses, companies acquiring businesses, and parties related to M&A transactions.

Through the review, analysis, and assessment of tax issues, businesses can assess the overall feasibility of M&A transactions as well as solve and minimize potential tax risks when implementing tax issues. currently doing M&A transactions in Vietnam.

When developing the tax due diligence process, the analysis is not limited to the mere review of tax returns. You need a comprehensive analysis of your company’s tax attributes, as well as determine your tax status, business flows, organizational ownership, location, and industry.

VinaSC is a strong unit in developing the process and analyzing the contents of tax appraisal – playing an important role in uncovering potential tax risks in the target company.

Providing services for mergers and acquisitions

Pursuant to legal regulations, VinaSC’s M&A consulting services (advising on mergers and acquisitions) of VinaSC include:

  • Conduct a legal due diligence report (Due Diligent) to check the legal status of the enterprise in terms of tax, debt, labor, and business status of the enterprise. From there, give recommendations to the buyer and seller whether to implement the transaction or not?
  • Coordinate with the audit to assess the financial status of the Enterprise;
  • Consulting on building, negotiating, drafting, and supervising the implementation of M&A contracts;
  • Appoint lawyers to participate in M&A negotiations between the parties;
  • Consulting on the use of labor after M&A;

Advice on the time limit, procedures, and conditions for converting assets, converting capital contributions, shares, and bonds of the merged enterprise into contributed capital, shares, and bonds of the merging enterprise.

Connecting and synchronously supporting other investors to participate in the business restructuring deal.

Stemming from the goal of protecting the rights and interests of enterprises in M&A, VinaSC will connect and synchronously support other investors (sellers, buyers, or both parties) when participating in M&A transactions as well as provide appropriate judgments and solutions for each problem arising in the implementation process in order to create the most favorable conditions in conducting the investment restructuring plan.

Why should businesses use VinaSC’s M&A service:

VinaSC is a strong unit in accessing and providing services to international investors;

Understanding the Vietnamese market: VinaSC is a Vietnamese consulting company, researching and understanding the market, grasping the business market trend in Vietnam;

VinaSC has a diverse network of domestic and international partners: The partner network includes leading institutions and consultants in Vietnam and has a reputation in the international market, helping businesses find new partners. the most suitable cooperation and investment opportunities;

  • VinaSC is committed to absolute confidentiality of information;
  • VinaSC has a team of professional consultants with practical experience;
  • VinaSC has the cost of M&A consulting services in line with the quality of services that the business receives.

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