The service reviewed financial statements

Vinasc offers audit services related to the service reviewed the financial statements. The review stage is between levels, last year or for multiple fiscal years. A review normally would focus more on tax issues. The review procedure is mainly focused on discussing with the Accounting Department of the business, from there the main risk areas identified to review the detailed documentation. In addition, the audit services of Vinasc will apply the information of the analytical procedures on financial statements. Depending on the purpose of use of financial information, the review could still bring the level of guarantee required and for saving costs and time.

When using the service reviewed financial statements of Vinasc, your business is guaranteed to minimize risk before the Tax Agency’s inspectors.

The service reviewed financial statements

Which business should choose the service reviewed financial statements

  • Businesses want to periodically check the operation of the accounting;
  • Review tax policies are apply whether compliance with Vietnam law;
  • Prepare for the inspected and tested tax;
  • Businesses need to check his activity there is in compliance with the law;
  • Administrators need to know the exact results of business activities;
  • Businesses want to improve the performance of the accounting operations;
  • Perfecting the internal control system.

The service reviewed the financial statements of Vinasc will do

  • Understanding of actual business activities, the overall risk assessment;
  • Plan review;
  • Check the internal control processes are apply in enterprises;
  • Reviews of the internal control system;
  • Check, analyze the items on the financial statements;
  • Check tax policies are apply;
  • Review the entire original documents, reviews existing risks;
  • Discussing matters with the Board of Directors and Accounting Department;
  • Issue the report reviewed;

The value gives the customer when using the services reviewed financial report of Vinasc

With a team of experienced professionals and a diverse field of industries. You feel secure about accounting, tax issues when using the services reviewed the financial statements of Vinasc. We are proud to have been staff members have the capability and experience to be cumulative, and the complete regular training through the training program of the Ministry of finance, the international organizations and internal training. Besides focusing on training professional skills, we also focus on training the skills of organization management.

The team of professionals at Vinasc always capture the new guidelines on the accounting standards and audit Vietnam, the financial regulation and the applicable legal. Furthermore, the professional staff of the main Vinasc is representing Vinasc’s commitment to quality of service and reputation with customers.

Finally, if you are interested in Vinasc’s auditing services in Vietnam, please contact us. As a result, we will send a letter of quotation for your consideration.