Representing at government agencies

Representing government agencies very important. As multinationals search for more efficient ways to compete in the global market, cross-border transactions between related companies are increasing in number and complexity.

In conjunction with this trend, tax authorities around the world are becoming more sensitive to the ways in which transfer pricing affects local tax revenues. Many jurisdictions are responding by strengthening legislation, implementing stricter documentation requirements, and imposing penalties for non-compliance.

Why Vinasc

Our industry-focused full-time transfer pricing professionals and multi-disciplinary approach help us to provide corporations with effective and compliant transfer pricing strategies.

We believe that first and foremost, any transfer pricing exercise must be based on sound and defensible principles. In addition, we will utilize a consultative approach where we take your business objectives, operational requirements, and practicalities into consideration. We generate tax efficiencies and mitigate the risk of potential challenges by tax authorities.

Representing at government agencies

Aligning your transfer pricing policy with your goals

We can help you embed your transfer pricing policy within your wider business strategy by:

  • Designing tax-optimized business models (including value chain transformation analysis and implementation)
  • Intellectual property planning
  • Obtaining tax rulings and advance pricing agreements
  • Drafting transfer pricing documentation based on the OECD Guidelines
  • Tax audit assistance

Vinasc has experience of representing clients in dealings with the tax authorities. For example, Vinasc can draft a transfer pricing document supporting certain transactions, prepare answers to any questions the tax authorities might ask during a tax audit, take part in your final tax-audit discussions with the tax authorities, and appeal to the Director-General of the State Revenue Service and to the courts against any unfavorable decisions.

If you are interested in Vinasc’s Transfer Pricing Services, please contact us. We will send a letter of quotation for your consideration.